This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CHM-to-Namespace Map File 

Specifies the namespace to which each HTML Help 1.x compiled Help (.chm) file should map when converted to Microsoft Help 2 compiled Help (.HxS) files. The primary purpose of the map file is to specify the relationships between links within a set of compiled Help files, ensuring that cross-collection links are translated properly.


The map file is a standard text file, which should be saved using the .txt file extension. The following example shows the format to use for a map file.

myHelp_1.chm myNamespace/myHelp_1
myHelp_2.chm ../myHelp_2

This example shows the two ways to map a .chm to a namespace. In the first line, the file myHelp_1.chm is mapped to an .HxS file named myHelp_1, which is registered under the namespace myNamespace. This direct mapping only works if myNamespace is always the parent. If myNamespace is registered as a child of another namespace, all mappings will be broken.

In the second line, the file myHelp_2.chm is mapped to an .HxS file named myHelp_2 using relative mapping. Relative mapping is more general, and always finds the sibling collection with the specified ID (in this example, myHelp_2) relative to the current .HxS file. Because of this, relative mapping is recommended in most cases.

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