This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Visual Studio 2005

Command-line program that converts HTML Help 1.x project files to Microsoft Help 2 project files. Any HTML Help 1.x project file can be passed as an input file with the following results:

Input Output

Help project (.hhp) file

Complete Microsoft Help 2 project

Table of contents (.hhc) file

Table of contents (.HxT) file

Index (.hhk) file

Index (.HxK) file

Hxconv [-o[output directory]] [-m [mapping filename]] 
[-l [log file name]] [-w] [-u] [-y] [-p] [-v] [-q] [-s] [-?]

The following table describes the command-line options that are available.

Option Value Description


output directory

Specifies the output directory. If the directory specified does not exist, it is created.

If an output directory is not specified, a folder named "converted" is created in the same directory as HxConv.exe, and the output files are copied to that location.



Generates UTF-8 output files.



Converts all HHCtrl.ocx usages (Alinks and Klinks) to Help links.


mapping filename

Specifies the .chm-to-namespace mapping file.


log filename

Specifies the name of the log file to be generated. If the option is not used, a log file named "HxConv.log" is created in the output directory.



Instructs the compiler to run in quiet mode. This option suppresses error and warning messages when HxConv.exe is executed.



Specifies that the progress of the utility will not be displayed.



Generates Unicode (specifically, Unicode Standard 2.0) output files. If this switch is not used, ANSI output files are generated.



Specifies verbose output, which shows all errors.



Overwrites any existing files.



Displays online Help for a utility.

The following example shows how to convert an HTML Help project file named UserHelp.hhp to the directory c:\MyHelp\MSHelpProjects. A log file is also specified.

hxconv UserHelp.hhp -o c:\MyHelp\MSHelpConverted -l myLogFile

The following example converts a table of contents (.hhc) file to a table of contents (.HxT) file.

hxconv myTOC.hhc -o c:\MyHelp\MsHelpConverted

HxConv.exe only supports input path characters that are native to the language of the operating system. For example, if you specify a path to a .hhp file with a file name that contains Japanese characters, conversion fails on a non-Japanese system.