DDEX Samples
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DDEX Samples 

Visual Studio 2005

The DDEX SDK provides a set of four samples that demonstrate different implementations of a DDEX provider. Each sample builds on the sample before, and taken together these samples demonstrate increasingly sophisticated DDEX implementations.

Each of the samples implements DDEX to establish connections to SQL Server. In their present form they work against SQL Server Express, which is part of the default Visual Studio 2005 installation.

Samples One, Two, and Three are "packageless" DDEX providers, insofar as their implementations do not require development of a VSPackage. Sample Four, on the other hand, provides a full-blown VSPackage implementation.


For more information about implementing a VSPackage, see the Visual Studio Development Environment SDK.

Each sample has an introductory topic, as well as a walkthrough.

Samples Overview

Sample One: Basic DDEX Provider Implementation

The Basic DDEX provider provides the simplest possible implementation that still meets the minimum requirement of making external data source objects visible inside Visual Studio and function in the Server Explorer.

Sample Two: Extended DDEX Provider Implementation

Sample Two extends Sample One; in particular fixing the limitations cited in that sample's documentation by providing an assembly with code that customizes key parts of the provider.

Sample Three: DDEX Provider Implementation with UI Customization

The DDEX provider implemented in Sample Three extends the implementation in Sample Two, adding some user interface (UI) customizations that make the provider integrate well into the Visual Studio design time experience.

Sample Four: VSPackage-Based DDEX Provider Implementation

Sample Four extends Sample Three by providing a VSPackage implementation that provides custom commands to the Server Explorer context menus.

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