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Changes the size of a window created with DEFINE WINDOW or a Visual FoxPro system window.

SIZE WINDOW WindowName TO nRow1, nColumn1 | BY nRow2, nColumn2



Specifies the name of the window whose size you want to change.

To change the size of a system window, enclose the entire system window name in quotation marks. For example, to increase the size of the Command window by 1 row and 1 column, issue the following command:

SIZE WINDOW 'Command Window' BY 1,1

You can only change the size of the Command, Debug, and Trace windows.

TO nRow1, nColumn1

Changes the size of a window to a specific size. nRow1 and nColumn1 specify the new row and column coordinates, respectively, of the lower-right corner of the window relative to the upper-left corner of the window.

BY nRow2, nColumn2

Changes the size of a window relative to its current size. nRow2 and nColumn2 specify the change in size of the window in rows and columns, relative to the current row and column coordinates of the lower-right corner of the window.

If a user-defined window has been created, its size can be changed; it doesn't have to be active or visible.

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