IVsaScriptScope.AddItem Method

Used as a factory for child items that can be added to a scope, for example, script blocks, expressions, statements, host objects, host scopes, and script scopes.

Namespace: Microsoft.JScript
Assembly: Microsoft.JScript (in microsoft.jscript.dll)

IVsaItem AddItem (
	string itemName,
	VsaItemType type
IVsaItem AddItem (
	String itemName, 
	VsaItemType type
function AddItem (
	itemName : String, 
	type : VsaItemType
) : IVsaItem



A string name for the new item. The name must not be in use; otherwise an ItemNameInUseVsaException is thrown.


The VsaItemType Enumeration was fixed and new item types were added. The JScript implementation accepts VSAITEMTYPE2 values and rejects VsaItemType items

In the JScript implementation, the VSA engine must not be closed; otherwise an EngineClosedVsaException is thrown.

In the JScript implementation, the item name must not be already in use; otherwise an ItemNameInUseVsaException is thrown.

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