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* Command

Indicates the beginning of a nonexecuting comment line in a program file.

* [Comments]



Specifies the comment in the comment line. For example:

*   This is a comment

Place a semicolon (;) at the end of each comment line that continues to a following line.

Any text added to a method or event in a Visual Class Library (VCX) or form (SCX) Code window will cause that class to have Override behavior for the method or event. Therefore, code for the method or event in a parent class will not be executed by default (it must be explicitly executed). This includes non-executable comment lines that begin with "*".

* Initialize the page number;
STORE 1 to gnPageNum
* Set up the loop
DO WHILE gnPageNum <= 25  && loop 25 times
   gnPageNum = gnPageNum + 1
ENDDO  && DO WHILE gnPageNum <= 25

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