This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ITagReplacer Interface 

This interface provides the methods necessary for server response file processing. It provides the connection between the object.method text of a replacement tag and the object that implements that method.

__interface ATL_NO_VTABLE
__declspec( uuid( "8FF5E90C-8CE0-43aa-96C4-3BF930837512" ))
ITagReplacer :
   public IUnknown

ITagReplacer provides a way of calling a method on an object where the object, method, and arguments are represented as text. ITagReplacer::FindReplacementOffset is used to convert the names of the object and method into numeric identifiers. ITagReplacer::RenderReplacement is used to call a method given the numeric identifiers returned by FindReplacementOffset.

Since the objects whose methods are exposed by the ITagReplacer interface are assumed to be used to generate a response of some kind, the ITagReplacer::SetStream method is provided to allow the response to be written to a stream.

ITagReplacer::GetContext allows implementations of this interface to provide context information to clients of the interface.

This interface is implemented by ITagReplacerImpl and CHtmlTagReplacer.

Header: atlsiface.h