This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's New in Source Control for Visual Studio 

Visual Studio 2005

Visual Studio has supported source control and the integration of source control plug-ins for some time. However, the current release includes a number of integration improvements. For information about new features of the source control portion of the Visual Studio environment SDK, see "What's New for Source Control"

Source control now allows the switching of all types of source control plug-ins from Options on the Tools menu. Switching enables complete user interface replacement and enables one plug-in per solution.

Visual Studio source control has been enhanced to open solutions asynchronously and reflect the progress of an open operation by modifying the icons in Solution Explorer. The asynchronous open feature marks projects that are still being downloaded with an hourglass, and marks fully downloaded projects for access as soon as they become available. This means that you can open and start working on a project even when Visual Studio is still opening the other projects in the solution.


This feature is only available for Visual Basic, C#, J# and Web projects and is not supported by all source control plug-ins.

The following file access improvements have been made to Visual Studio dialog boxes:

  • You can now add projects to source control and open them easily using the new Source Control Stores tab in the Open Project dialog box.

  • You can add an existing file from source control to a project using the Add Existing Item dialog box.

  • You can automatically add solutions and projects to source control by selecting the Add to Source Control check box in the New Project dialog box.

In support of namespace change propagation, the latest version of source control synchronizes deletes, renames, and moves with the database. When you make a change you are requested to propagate the change, while other users can synchronize through retrieval operations. In previous releases, if you deleted, renamed, or moved an item on the server, it stayed in your working folder even after synchronization.

The following improvements have been made to basic Visual Studio source control operations:

  • You can now check out a file from a local working folder without requiring network download of the latest version of the file from the database.

  • Checkouts are now automatic and prompting is reduced.

  • You have an option to configure Visual Studio to automatically get the latest version of all solution items from source control when you open a solution.

  • You can configure Visual Studio to silently check out files on edit and automatically check in your changes when you close the solution.

Visual Web Developer can now access Web project source control features, such as download to any location. In previous Visual Studio releases, the location was hard-coded to download to c:\inetpub\wwwroot.