This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Current Time: General Purpose Classes

The following procedure shows how to create a CTime object and initialize it with the current time.

To get the current time

  1. Allocate a CTime object, as follows:
    CTime theTime;
    Note   Uninitialized CTime objects are not initialized to a valid time.
  2. Call the CTime::GetCurrentTime function to get the current time from the operating system. This function returns a CTime object that can be used to set the value of CTime, as follows:
    theTime = CTime::GetCurrentTime();

    Since GetCurrentTime is a static member function from the CTime class, you must qualify its name with the name of the class and the scope resolution operator (::), CTime::GetCurrentTime().

Of course, the two steps outlined previously could be combined into a single program statement as follows:

CTime theTime = CTime::GetCurrentTime();

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