We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ERRLOOK Reference

The ERRLOOK utility, which is available from the Tools menu, retrieves a system error message or module error message based on the value entered. ERRLOOK retrieves the error message text automatically if you drag and drop a hexadecimal or decimal value from the Visual Studio debugger into the Value edit control. You can also enter a value either by typing it in the Value edit control or by pasting it from the Clipboard and clicking Look Up.

The accelerator keys for Copy (CTRL+C), Cut (CTRL+X), and Paste (CTRL+V) work for both the Value and Error Message edit controls if you first highlight the text.

Value Edit Control

Describes the Value Edit control in ERRLOOK.

Error Message Edit Control

Describes the Error Message Edit control in ERRLOOK.

Modules Button

Describes the Modules button in ERRLOOK.

Look Up Button

Describes the Look Up button in ERRLOOK.

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