Windows Advertising - Windows 8.1

Windows Advertising - Windows 8.1

Microsoft Advertising Services

Updated: October 17, 2013

Published: April 1, 2014

To display ads in your apps, your app needs to be able receive ads from an ad network. Microsoft pubCenter is a web service that allows Windows 8.1 developers to receive ads from the Microsoft Advertising Network. When users click the ad in your app, you (being the publisher of the ad) earn money from the creator of the ads, the advertiser. The money earned from advertisers is paid to you using your publisher account on pubCenter.

In your code you will use a unique application id and a unique ad id to link your app to your pubCenter account and to download ads.

Get an Overview of Microsoft Ads in Apps for Developers

Visit the Microsoft Advertising Ads in Apps website. This site provides a comprehensive overview of the Microsoft ads in apps service that is available to developers.

Microsoft pubCenter

You need to have an account with pubCenter in order to receive ads.

On the Microsoft Advertising pubCenter home page, under the text Windows – and above the text for Windows Phone -- click the Learn More link. In the left-hand Table of Contents, click on Getting started (you can also try this link). Follow the instructions to set up your pubCenter account.

App Registration and Ad Delivery Setup

Using the pubCenter website, you will register your app and receive a unique application ID (ApplicationId in code). You will also define the type of ad your app will display. Each type of ad that you define is called an ad unit and each ad unit you define is assigned a unique ad unit ID (AdUnitId in code).

An AdUnitId can be used in more than one app.

Application ID and Ad Unit ID for Windows 8.1 Apps

Windows 8.1 apps use the AdControl class to display ads. In order to receive real (not test) ads, the ApplicationId and the AdUnitId properties must be set to the application ID and ad unit ID provided by pubCenter.

Support Forum

Read about known issues and post questions related to the Windows 8.1 Advertising SDK at the Microsoft Advertising support forum.

Support and Feedback

Get product support or report a bug in the advertising SDK by visiting the Windows Store Apps developer support page support page. For product support, under "App development" click the "Advertising SDK" link. To post a question in the support forum, scroll down to "Find answers online" and click "Ads-in-Apps for Windows 8 forum".

Send feedback about this documentation to There is no product support through this alias. Documentation feedback only.

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