accName Property

IAccessible.accName Property

The IAccessible interface and all of its exposed members are part of a managed wrapper for the Component Object Model (COM) IAccessible interface.

Namespace: Accessibility
Assembly: Accessibility (in accessibility.dll)

property String^ accName [Object^] {
	String^ get ([InAttribute] [OptionalAttribute] Object^ varChild);
	void set ([InAttribute] [OptionalAttribute] Object^ varChild, [InAttribute] String^ pszName);
/** @property */
String get_accName (/** @attribute InAttribute() */ /** @attribute OptionalAttribute() */ Object varChild)

/** @property */
void set_accName (/** @attribute InAttribute() */ /** @attribute OptionalAttribute() */ Object varChild, /** @attribute InAttribute() */ String pszName)

JScript supports the use of indexed properties, but not the declaration of new ones.



This parameter is intended for internal use only.

Property Value

A string.

For more information about accName, see the documentation for IAccessible::get_accName in the Microsoft Active Accessibility documentation in the MSDN library at

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