Backup_Ext Initialization Variable
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Backup_Ext Initialization Variable

Visual Studio 2005

Specifies the file name extension to use for a backup file when merging. The backup file is the original copy of a file with which another file copy is being merged. The default setting is .org. You can set this initialization variable only by editing the Ss.ini file directly.


Currently the backup file can cause problems if its temporary folder path is near the maximum length of 260 characters.

Backup_Ext = <file name extension>

When Visual SourceSafe merges two copies of a file and finds a conflict, it replaces the original file with a merged copy that flags all conflicts so that you can resolve them. You can use this variable to specify the file extension for the file used to back up the original file copy. For example, when checking in Myfile.cpp, the backup file created before Visual SourceSafe performs any check-in, merge, or get operation is

Sets .org as the extension to be used for backup files:

Backup_Ext = .org
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