This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Searches for a list view item that has the specified properties and that bears the specified relationship to a given item.

int GetNextItem( 
   int nItem, 
   int nFlags  
) const;


Index of the item to begin the searching with, or -1 to find the first item that matches the specified flags. The specified item itself is excluded from the search.


Geometric relation of the requested item to the specified item, and the state of the requested item. The geometric relation can be one of these values:

  • LVNI_ABOVE   Searches for an item that is above the specified item.

  • LVNI_ALL   Searches for a subsequent item by index (the default value).

  • LVNI_BELOW   Searches for an item that is below the specified item.

  • LVNI_TOLEFT   Searches for an item to the left of the specified item.

  • LVNI_TORIGHT   Searches for an item to the right of the specified item.

The state can be zero, or it can be one or more of these values:

  • LVNI_DROPHILITED   The item has the LVIS_DROPHILITED state flag set.

  • LVNI_FOCUSED   The item has the LVIS_FOCUSED state flag set.

  • LVNI_SELECTED   The item has the LVIS_SELECTED state flag set.

If an item does not have all of the specified state flags set, the search continues with the next item.

The index of the next item if successful, or -1 otherwise.

Header: afxcmn.h