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Visual J# Class Library

Visual Studio 2005

The J# Class Libraries is Microsoft's implementation of the JDK 1.1.4 specification. Most classes implement functionality that is subset or equivalent to JDK1.1.4 whereas some implement functionality that is subset or equivalent to 1.2. Visual J# 2005 also supports many of the Microsoft Extensions defined in Visual J++ 6.0, such as For a complete list of which features are supported, see Supported Class Libraries. For a list of the features that Visual J# does not support, see Unsupported Class Libraries and Features.

The J# Class Libraries are built on top of the .NET Framework. The root class of the J# Class Libraries, java.lang.Object, is derived from Object. This means that all J# objects can be used where a .NET object is expected, and vice versa. For example, a java.lang.String can be inserted into an ArrayList. Conversely, a String can be inserted into a Vector class. For more information on the relationship between Visual J# and the .NET Framework, see Visual J# Architecture.

For Visual J# 2005, most packages defined by the Java 1.1.4 specification are supported, but only the most important classes in the following packages are documented at this time:

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