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Same as generate_n, but allows the use of an unchecked iterator as output iterator when _SECURE_SCL=1 is defined. unchecked_generate_n is defined in the stdext namespace.


This algorithm is a Microsoft extension to the Standard C++ Library. Code implemented using this algorithm will not be portable.

template<class OutputIterator, class Size, class Generator>
   void unchecked_generate_n(
      OutputIterator _First, 
      Size _Count, 
      Generator _Gen



An output iterator addressing the position of first element in the range to which values are to be assigned.


A signed or unsigned integer type specifying the number of elements to be assigned a value by the generator function.


A function object that is called with no arguments that is used to generate the values to be assigned to each of the elements in the range.

See generate_n for a code sample.

For more information on checked iterators, see Checked Iterators.

Header: <algorithm>

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