This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Find Product Updates 

This topic has been updated for Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

In the integrated development environment (IDE), you can check for service packs that apply to your installation of Visual Studio. To check for these updates, your computer must be able to connect to the Internet. You also can look on the MSDN Web site for general distribution releases (GDRs) and hot fixes for your installation.


If you have changed the default settings for Security and Privacy in the Internet Options dialog box in Internet Explorer, you might receive an error when you try to check for updates. Reset your Security and Privacy settings to the default values and then check for updates again.

To check for service releases

  • On the Help menu, click Check for Updates.

    This command takes you to the Microsoft Update Web site for Visual Studio where service releases are available for download.

To check for other software updates

  1. Go to the Shipped Software Updates Web site for Visual Studio.

  2. Scroll to the Visual Studio 2005 section to see which updates are available.

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