This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition 

This topic is new for Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

This section describes the basic tasks for incorporating SQL Server Compact Edition databases into client applications. For specific information about SQL Server Compact Edition, refer to SQL Server Compact Edition Books Online.


SQL Server Compact Edition is not actually installed when you run the Visual Studio installation or upgrade to Visual Studio 2005 SP1. You have to download it from the Mic r osoft Download Center.

In This Section

SQL Server Compact Edition and Visual Studio

Provides a quick introduction to SQL Server Compact Edition.

How to: Add a SQL Server Compact Edition Database to a Project

Describes how to add a new or existing SQL Server Compact Edition database to a Windows-based application.

How to: Deploy a SQL Server Compact Edition Database with an Application

Describes how to configure deployment for a Windows-based application that includes a SQL Server Compact Edition database.

Walkthrough: Using SQL Server Compact Edition in an Application

Provides step-by-step details for incorporating a SQL Server Compact Edition database in a Windows-based application and configuring the application for deployment.

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What's New in SQL Server Compact Edition

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SQL Server Compact Edition with the .NET Compact Framework

Provides information about how to manage data by using SQL Server Compact Edition, either as a remote client or with a database on the device.


The System.Data.SqlServerCe namespace is the managed data provider for SQL Server Compact Edition.