Removes a file or directory from the exclusion list.

ULONG FbwfRemoveExclusion(
   PWCHAR volume,
   PWCHAR path


[in] NULL terminated wide string containing the volume name
[in] NULL terminated wide string containing the file or directory to remove from the exclusion list..

Return Values

This function may return the following:

Return valueDescription
NO_ERRORThe operation completed successfully.
ERROR_INVALID_DRIVEIf the specified volume is valid but does not exist or is not protected.
ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTIONIf the filter is not enabled for the current session.
ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETERIf the volume or path parameter is NULL.
ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUNDIf the specified path is not in the exclusion list for the next session.

Other errors set by file system if updating configuration file fails


This change will not take effect until the next session.


OS Versions: Windows XP Embedded.
Header: fbwfapi.h.
Link Library: fbwflib.lib.

See Also

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