Message Box Default Reply

The new Message Box Default Reply component provides an easy way to intercept any MessageBox calls and provide a default reply.


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Associated Components

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The following table shows the configurable settings for this component.

Disable messageBox PopupSelectedChecking this disables the display of all the Popups generated by the MessageBox Function. This is selected as the default.
Severity log levelLog all eventsChoose the severity of MessageBox messages to be logged. Selections range from logging all messages to logging only errors. Logging is disabled when "Disable MessageBox Popup" is unchecked.
Log message information to event logSelectedSelecting this logs the MessageBox Information to the Event Log.


The default setting of the Message Box Default Reply components Disable MessageBox Pop-up property can cause certain features that activate a pop-up message box, such as unchecking the 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)' in Explorer, to fail. To get around this issue, the default setting of "Disable MessageBox Pop-up" should be unchecked at design time or the user should set the following registry key value to '0' at run time:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Error Message Instrument : EnableDefaultReply = 0

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