Windows Media Player 10 Skins

The Windows® Media® Player 10 Skins component contains skins that allow you to change the appearance of Windows Media Player 10 Series. Each skin provided by this component has a distinct appearance that usually incorporates basic Player functions, such as play, previous, next, stop, and volume control. Some skins may also offer different capabilities, for example, the ability to perform certain tasks or to view certain visualizations. After a skin is applied to the Media Player, that skin is displayed whenever the user changes from full mode to skin mode.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

This component is dependent on the Windows Media Player 10 component.


The following table shows the configurable settings for this component.

SettingDefault settingDescription
Select a default skinWindows Classic.wmzUse the drop-down box to choose one of twenty .wmz files as a default skin for Windows Media Player on your target operating system.

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