Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer component provides the Internet Explorer Web browser that allows customers to connect to the Internet or to an intranet.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

Many Internet Explorer components are used by other Windows features to communicate with servers or display content. For example, the Mshtml feature is used by the Help system to render HTML content.

This component depends on the Primitive: Shell32 component.


The following table shows the configurable settings for this component .

SettingDefault settingDescription
Title Bar TextNoneAdds the name of another Web site to the title bar in addition to the default text "Microsoft Internet Explorer."
Home Page URLNoneSpecifies the Web page that is displayed the first time that Internet Explorer is opened.
Search Page URLNoneSpecifies the URL of a Web page that can be used to search the Internet or intranet for information.
Online Support URLNoneSpecifies an online Knowledge Base and support location.
Use a Proxy ServerClearedSpecifies the use of a proxy server to connect to Internet sites from inside a corporation or within an intranet.
Proxy Server URLNoneSpecifies the URL of a proxy server.
PortNoneSpecifies the port that Internet Explorer uses to connect to the Internet when Internet Explorer makes the connection through a proxy server.
Bypass Proxy server for local addressesClearedSpecifies whether Internet Explorer connects directly to local and intranet sites instead of passing through a proxy server.
Enable Pop-Up ManagerCheckedSpecifies that Pop-Ups will be blocked at the current security level.
Play Sound when pop-up is blockedCheckedSpecifies that a .wav sound file will be played whenever a Pop-Up is blocked.
Show Information when pop-up is blockedCheckedSpecifies that an infomational dialog will display whenever a Pop-Up is blocked.
Allow WebsiteNoneSpecifies a list of user-entered, optional website URLs that will not be blocked.
Filter LevelMedium: Block most automatic pop-upsSpecifies what level of security allows Pop-Up blocking.

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