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61883 Protocol Driver

The 61883 Protocol Driver component includes the 61883.sys protocol driver that transmits various audio and video data streams over the IEEE 1394 protocol. The data streams include standard/high/low quality DV, MPEG2, DSS, and audio. These data streams are defined by the IEC61883 specifications.

The following table shows the items that this driver supports.

Common Isochronous Packet (CIP)Used for transmission of isochronous data streams over IEEE 1394.
Function Control Protocol (FCP)Provides functionality for transmitting asynchronous commands to the device, such as play/pause/record for a digital camcorder.
Connection Management Procedures (CMP)Used for connection management and allocation of resources over IEEE 1394.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

This component is the only component that is required to support audio/video devices over the IEEE 1394 protocol. The core IEEE 1394 bus stack, ohci1394.sys and 1394bus.sys, must also be present in the configuration. Drivers must also be provided to interact with 61883 to submit audio/video streams that will be transmitted over the IEEE 1394 bus.

Additional support for IEEE 1394 audio/video devices might be required as well.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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