System Cloning Tool

The System Cloning Tool component supplies the system cloning tools, including Fbreseal.exe, Setupcn.exe, and Setupcl.exe. This component additionally supplies the minioc.inf file, an INF (information) file that references the dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that are required to prepare components for duplication. A new configuration user interface enables you to easily set the various Reseal options.


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Associated Components

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From Settings, select the System Cloning Tool tab. You can specify the following attributes:

  • Reseal Phase
    • Options: Automatic (12000) - (the default) or: Manual (0)
  • Reseal Options (default: all selected)
    • Generate New Computer Name
    • Unjoin Domain (if joined)
    • Remove AutoLogon Settings
    • Remove Custom Network Settings
    • Remove Custom User Settings
    • Remove Mounted Devices (such as network drives)

Optionally, you can also specify a custom DLL and function call entry point, that you supply, to be called after Reseal is complete:

  • Custom DLL
    • Enter a valid file pathname for your custom DLL
  • Entry Point
    • Enter a valid DLL entry point function name

Neither of these fields are validated. You must be sure these fields are filled out correctly. If you enter nothing in these fields, the default post-Reseal behavior remains.

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