WMI Command Line Utility

The WMI Command Line Utility component provides a command-line interface for the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI infrastructure. This component includes a set of commands and control functions to manage a Windows environment. This component interacts with existing shells and utility commands and can be easily extended by scripts or other administration-based applications.

You can access the WMI infrastructure using a command-line interface and intermediate facilitators, called aliases. Aliases capture the WMI class features that are relevant to a specific task, such as network administration. You can use aliases to rename classes, properties, and methods, or to arrange properties that include property values.

This component enables you to perform the following actions:

  • Define aliases, add output formats, and create and execute scripts
  • Browse the WMI schema and query its classes and instances
  • Get information from a local computer, a remote computer, and multiple computers in a single command

The following table shows the files and applications included in this component.

Cliegaliases.mflLocalization schema
Csv.xslStyle sheet for comma-separated value format
Hform.xslStyle sheet for HTML value list format
htable-sortby.xslStyle sheet for HTML table including sortby
Htable.xslStyle sheet for HTML table format
Mof.xslStyle sheet for MOF format
Rawxml.xslStyle sheet for raw XML format
Texttable.xslStyle sheet for table format
Texttablewsys.xslOptional style sheet for table format
Textvaluelist.xslStyle sheet for value list format
Wmic.chm Windows Help
Wmiclimofformat.xslDefault MOF format
Wmiclitableformat.xslDefault table format
Wmiclitableformatnosys.xslOptional table format
Wmiclivalueformat.xslDefault value list format
Wml.xslDefault XML format
Wsl-mappings.xmlDefault style sheet table

The compilation of Cli.mof, Cliegaliases.mod, and Clialiases.mfl files creates the \\root\cli name space and populates it with aliases. The Wmic.exe file executes queries and calls a method as specified by an alias. The Extensible Markup Language (XML) output is formatted using default style sheets as specified in Xsl-mappings.xml, while other formats can be explicitly specified using /FORMAT:< stylesheet name>.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

The WMI Command component is designed to work with the WMI Core and WMI Provider components. The WMI Command component also requires the Tools component to compile Managed Object Formats (MOFs), which occurs during the first boot.

The following components have related functionality:

  • WMI SNMP Provider, which is needed if a user wants to query the SNMP name space.
  • WMI DS Provider, which is needed if a user wants to query the DS name space.


There are no configurable settings for this component.


The WMI Command component can only be used by local system administrators, regardless of WMI name space permissions on the local computer.

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