Signature Verifier

The Signature Verifier component scans core system files, device drivers, and printer files and tells the user if any are not digitally signed. The user can utilize this information to see if any file has been tampered with or if the user is running a driver file that has not been tested by the Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory (WHQL).


This component includes the Sigverif.exe executable file.

Associated Components

No other component calls Sigverif.exe. It is an application that is launched by a user. Sigverif.exe depends on the cryptography services to tell it whether a file is digitally signed. It depends on Setupapi.dll to provide a list of all driver files used by devices. It depends on the print spooler service to get a list of printer driver files. It also depends on the system file checker service to receive a list of protected system files.

The Sigverif component requires the following components:

  • Cryptography services
  • Setupapi
  • Spooler
  • SFC


There are no configurable settings for this component.


Because it is a Win32 application, the Sigverif component requires Win32 and the shell.

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