Runtime Quick Start Helper Macro

The Runtime Quick Start Helper Macro component bundles the components that are required to generate a Winlogon run-time image on a FAT or NTFS file system from a .pmq file. This component will automatically resolve most of the common component dependencies that are needed to create a Winlogon run-time image. By using this component, you can quickly add Winlogon capabilities to your device.

For more information about the associated services, components, and settings for the included components, see their individual reference pages.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


This component can be configured by using Target Designer to exclude optional components from the bundle. Because this component includes a number of applications, its footprint is sizeable. To reduce the footprint of your run-time image, in Target Designer on the Components tab, clear the check boxes for all components that are not required in your configuration.


You can also use this component to resolve issues that are related to missing dependencies and application compatibility. After the component is added to your configuration and your application works, you can exclude unnecessary components from the configuration to reduce the footprint of your run-time image.

You can disable one of the two included file systems if your system does not require it.

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