Speech Control Panel

The Speech properties in the Control Panel let the user select and configure speech characteristics throughout the operating system (OS) for either the speech recognition (SR) or text-to-speech (TTS) engine. These characteristics include selection of the language used by the engine, audio outputs and audio quality, as well as selection of the microphone input. User profiles are developed and updated in Speech properties. User profiles allow the speech recognition engine to better recognize a speaker's habits and the background sounds in a particular environment.


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There are no special configuration requirements for this component. The Speech properties component is installed by the OS. However, most operating systems install only text-to-speech and therefore not all options will be available to all users. Speech recognition is loaded only by applications requiring it or by explicitly loading the Microsoft Speech application programming interface (SAPI) software development kit (SDK). After speech recognition is installed, a Speech Recognition tab appears in Speech properties. Help for Speech properties is available through the standard Help system. This help provides detailed information for each item in Speech properties. Context-sensitive Help is also available by right-clicking an individual item in Speech properties.


To open Speech properties, choose Start, point to Settings, choose Control Panel, and then double-click Speech.

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