Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

The Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) component includes ActiveX Data Objects, an OLE database, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

The following table shows the items included in this component.

ActiveX Data ObjectsActiveX Data Objects provide consistent, high-performance access to data with low memory overhead and small disk size. They support a variety of development needs, including the creation of front-end database clients and middle-tier business objects that use applications, tools, languages, or Internet browsers.

To access data, ActiveX Data Objects present a Component Object Model (COM) interface to the OLE database. The COM interface is available from rapid application development (RAD) tools, database tools, and languages.

OLE databaseMicrosoft OLE database contains a set of interfaces that expose data from a variety of relational and nonrelational sources using COM. These interfaces provide applications with uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources. These interfaces support the amount of database management system (DBMS) functionality appropriate to the data store, enabling the data store to share its data.

The OLE database includes a programmatic model consisting of data providers, data consumers, and service components. Data providers contain and expose data; data consumers use data; and service components process and transport data, such as query processors and cursor engines. In addition, the OLE database includes a bridge to ODBC to enable continued support for ODBC relational database drivers.

ODBCThe ODBC interface permits maximum interoperability, allowing applications to access data from a variety of DBMS through one interface. An application accessing data is independent of the DBMS. Users can add drivers to the application to create an interface between it and a DBMS.


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