Help and Support Services
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Help and Support Services

The Help and Support Services component provides access to the Microsoft Help and Support Center, which is a comprehensive source for procedures, tutorials, and overviews to help users learn and use Microsoft Windows XP Embedded.

The Help and Support Center was introduced in Windows XP and contains information that is specific to Windows XP as well as features that are new to the Windows XP operating system, such as Remote Assistance.

The Help topics in Help and Support Center are specific to the Windows XP operating system. Other programs and applications contain separate Help topics that you can view from within those programs.

Note   As of Window XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007, Remote Assistance Channel's dependency on the Help and Support component has been removed. It is now an optional dependency. This can result in a footprint savings of up to 30MB for some devices with SMS Client.


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