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Utility Manager
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Utility Manager

The Utility Manager component enables users to check an accessibility program's status and start or stop an accessibility program. Users with administrator-level access can designate to have the program start when Utility Manager starts. Users can also start accessibility programs before logging on to the computer or by pressing the Windows logo key + U at the Welcome screen.

The built-in accessibility programs available from the Utility Manager are Magnifier, Narrator, and On-Screen Keyboard. Narrator, a text-to-speech program, starts when Utility Manager opens. This gives users who have low vision immediate access to Utility Manager.

Using Utility Manager, users can tell Windows to automatically start accessibility programs each time they log on to their computer, lock their computer desktop, or when Utility Manager starts. For example, users can specify that Magnifier start automatically the next time they log on to their computer. This eliminates the need for having to following the steps of opening Magnifier each time a user logs on to their computer.


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