Generic Packet Classifier

The Generic Packet Classifier component is a network component that consolidates packet classification functionality from other network components into a central facility. It classifies packets for other network drivers based on specifications established by those drivers. While this component prevents unrelated drivers from interfering with these classifications, it also provides a semi-structured communication channel enabling drivers to share packet-related information. This system makes design and maintenance more efficient and it improves performance by eliminating redundant classifications of separate classifiers. In contrast to most previous research in packet classification, which dealt primarily with algorithmic issues, this component is a complete packet-classification system.

The following key features are included in this system:

  • Protocol templates that support any network protocol
  • Hierarchical wildcard patterns that provide specification flexibility
  • Classification handles that share classification results among unrelated drivers with differing classification specifications


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


This component is a kernel-mode network driver that loads with a TCP/IP stack. There are no configuration requirements for this component.

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