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The DirectPlay component provides a networking API that can enable any application to operate over both a peer-to-peer and client/server topology. It provides a wide array of session and host management features that simplifies network programming. Through its modular service provider architecture, it provides a level of abstraction to various underlying networking components, so you do not need to manage the specifics of the network transport while maintaining low latency and high performance.

This component uses the following network protocols:

  • TCP/IP (IPv4)
  • Telephony API (TAPI)
  • Serial/modem


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

The service providers require the underlying transport modules to be present. The following list shows the requirements:

  • TCP/IP (IPv4)
    • Winsock and its dependent modules
    • TCP/IP driver
  • TAPI
    • TAPI and its dependent modules
  • Serial/Modem
  • Serial port driver


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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