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Network Provisioning Service

The Network Provisioning Service allows automatic provisioning of information about networks on a client machine. Information is downloaded from network providers as XML configuration files. These files are validated against locally stored XML schemas. The Network Provisioning Service can be used to keep the information up-to-date by downloading new content from the network provider on a pre-determined schedule. The information downloaded is used by Windows to configure access to the relevant network. One application of the Network Provisioning Service is to configure wireless networks that support Wireless Provisioning Services technology.


The component is a service that is hosted in svchost.exe and exposed as an in-proc COM server. The Network Provisioning Service is not an application.

Associated Components

The Network Provisioning Service component is used by the Wireless Zero Configuration component in wzcsvc.dll and wzcdlg.dll, to store provisioning information related to wireless networks.


There are no configurable settings for this component.


The following list shows the components and specific files that Network Provisioning Service requires:

Msxml 3.1

  • Msxml3.dll


  • Winhttp.dll

Background Intelligent Transfer Service


  • Kernel32.dll
  • Msvcrt.dll
  • Msvcp60.dll
  • Atl.dll
  • Advapi32.dll
  • Ole32.dll
  • Oleaut32.dll
  • Rtutils.dll
  • Shell32.dll
  • Shlwapi.dll
  • User32.dll
  • Ntdll.dll

The following components and files, if installed, require the Network Provisioning Service:

Wireless Zero Configuration Service and Wireless UI

  • Wzcsvc.dll
  • Wzcdlg.dll

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