Windows Update Agent

The Windows Update Agent component provides critical operating system updates to the user, including driver updates, security fixes, and application updates. This component requires a Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) server to communicate with the Microsoft Windows Update Web site and obtain updates; this component does not directly communicate with the Windows Update Web site.

This component also includes the Automatic Update tab in the System Properties dialog. Automatic Update (AU) runs as a local service, which cooperates with a process in the current user's context to download and install updates that a SUS server obtains from the Windows Update Web site.


This component provides the Windows Update Agent service named Automatic Updates.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


The configurable settings for this component are described in the following table.

SettingDefault settingDescription
Auto update notificationNotify only before installingSpecifies how the Automatic Updates feature of Windows Update Agent handles notification when updates are available. Choose one of: Disable notification, Notify before downloading and installing, and Notify only before installing.

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