Security Settings Editor

The Security Settings Editor component edits security settings of the group policy object and security template, provides security configuration and analysis, and views policy that has been applied or will be applied to the computer.


This component includes the following services:

  • Security Settings of Group Policy Object Editor
  • Security Template snap-in
  • Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in
  • Resultant Set of Policy snap-in

Associated Components

This component works together with Scecli.dll and Gpedit.dll to edit security settings for group policy objects, edit the security template file, configure and analyze security, and view the resulting set of policies.

The following components must be used with this component:

  • Gpedit.dll
  • Scecli.dll
  • Advapi32.dll
  • Atl.dll
  • Gdi32.dll
  • Kernal32.dll
  • Mfc42u.dll
  • Mmc.exe
  • Msvcrt.dll
  • Netapi32.dll
  • Ole32.dll
  • Oleaut32.dll
  • Shell32.dll
  • Shlwapi.dll
  • User32.dll
  • Version.dll


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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