IP Security Tools and User Interface

The IPsec Tools and User Interface component provides IPsec policy management and diagnostic capabilities. The IP Security Policies Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in allows you to configure and view local and Active-Directory-based IPsec policies. The IP Security Monitor MMC snap-in displays the details about the active IPsec policy and security state. The ipseccmd commands for IPsec provide an alternative to the console-based management and diagnostic capabilities provided by the IP Security Policies and IP Security Monitor snap-ins. Ipseccmd is a scripting utility that you can use to configure IPsec policies and display details about the state of the active IPsec policy through the command line.


The IPsec MMC snap-in supports setting and reading policy.

The IPsec MMC monitor shows the active IPsec policy and security state.

Ipseccmd provides text-based and scriptable support for both active IPsec policy and security state.

Associated Components

The IP Security Policies snap-in and the ipseccmd tool store IPsec policy configuration in Active Directory or the local registry. The IP Security Monitor only reads the active state of an IPsec policy; you cannot modify policy settings in the IP Security Monitor.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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