Dr. Watson Debugger

The Dr. Watson Debugger component provides the Dr. Watson Debugger application. Dr. Watson detects and logs errors that occur in Windows-based applications or in the Windows operating system. By default, errors that are detected are logged in the user.dmp file.

This component has a new Configuration User Interface to enable the debugger to be configured easily offline with Target Designer.


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Associated Components

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From Settings, select the tab: Settings. You can specify the following options:

SettingDefault settingDescription
Log File Path%16419%\Microsoft\Dr WatsonDr. Watson log file path.
Max Crashes10Maximum number of crashes logged.
Num Instructions10Number of instructions logged.
Append to Existing Log FileSelectedWhether to append to or erase the log file before logging begins.
Dump Symbol Table Whether to include the application's associated Symbol Table in the crash dump.
Dump All Thread ContentsSelectedWhether to include the thread context data in the crash dump.
Create Crash Dump FileSelectedWhether to write to a dump file specified in the Dump File field.
Dump File%16419%\Microsoft\Dr Watson\user.dmpIf Create Crash Dump File is selected, specify the Dump File path and file name.
Crash Dump Type
  • Mini Dump (default),
  • Full Dump,
  • Full Dump (NT4-compatible)
If Crash Dump file is specified, select a Crash Dump Type.
Visual NotificationSelectedDisplays a notification dialog when a Crash Dump occurs.
Sound Notification Plays a sound file when a Crash Dump occurs.
Wave File If Sound Notification is selected, specifies .WAV file to play when a Crash Dump occurs.

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