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WMI View Provider
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WMI View Provider

The WMI View Provider component is an instance and method provider that creates new classes based on instances of other classes. You can use the View Provider to take properties from different source classes, name spaces, or computers, and combine them as a single class.

This component includes the following file:

  • Viewprov.dll. A View Provider dynamic-link library (DLL)

As an instance and method provider, the View Provider supports the standard IWbemProviderInit interface and the following IWbemServices methods:

  • CreateInstanceEnumAsync
  • DeleteInstanceAsync
  • ExecMethodAsync
  • ExecQueryAsync
  • GetObjectAsync
  • PutInstanceAsync


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

The WMI View Provider component is designed to work with the WMI Core component. This component, being a forwarding provider, requires at least one of the WMI provider components, such as Win32 Server or Client Providers.

WMI Provider-based components have related functionality.


The IWbemProviderInit interface contained in the WMI Core component is called by WMI to initialize providers. All providers are required to implement the IWbemProviderInit interface using the setting in the following table.

IwbemProviderInit InitializeCalled by WMI to initialize a provider.

IwbemProviderInit must be declared in Wbemprov.h, and Wbemidl.h must be included. For this, use the Wbemuuid.lib file.

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