The Netlogon/NetJoin component manages a computer's connection to a Windows domain.

NetJoin is responsible for performing the operation that joins the target system to a domain be creating an account in the domain for the target system, and renaming the computer on the joined domain during this operation. This joining establishes a trust relationship between the client computer and the domain controllers in that domain so that the domain controllers perform security operations, such as network logon originating from the client computer.

NetLogon performs the following functions:

  • Pass-through authentication that might occur during NTLM authentication
  • Maintenance for computer accounts on domain members, such as machine password change
  • Hosts the domain controller (DC) discovery component
  • Maintains the DC discovery cache accessible for all components in the system.

On a Microsoft Windows 2000 primary domain controller, NetLogon performs Security Account Manager database replication to lower-level Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 backup domain controllers.


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