RPC Remote over SPX

The RPC Remote over SPX component facilitates remote procedure calls (RPCs) over Sequenced Protocol eXchange (SPX) to servers residing on the local machine or a remote machine. The RPC Remote over SPX component includes both client and server support and includes support for SPX name resolution.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

The following list shows available RPC components:

  • RPC Local
  • RPC Remote
  • RPC Authz Support
  • RPC HTTP CIS Server
  • RPC Named Service
  • RPC Remote over Appletalk
  • RPC Remote over Named Pipes
  • RPC Remote over SPX
  • Secure RPC over Kerberos
  • Secure RPC over Negotiate
  • Secure RPC over NTLM
  • Secure RPC over SSL


There are no configurable settings for this component.


Each RPC component provides a specific RPC capability. You may find it necessary to include multiple RPC components. If an RPC function is called, but the RPC component exposing that function is not installed, the function call fails.

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