Core Plotter Support

The Core Plotter Support component provides support for a series of printer drivers. To support both Unidrv-based and PostScript-based drivers with a minimal footprint on disk, this component is broken up into one component for each driver model: the core Unidrv driver, the core PostScript driver, and the minidriver files.

Each minidriver can be used to create a printer queue. A printer queue is a logical printer that consists of queue-specific resources, such as a color management image color matching (ICM) file, and driver-specific resources, such as pscript5.dll for a PostScript printer queue. A fully functional driver component consists of exactly one core driver component, either Unidrv or PostScript, and a minidriver component that specifies all other resources allowing the user to create a printer queue.

A printer queue is installed by the Plug and Play manager, which invokes the printer class installer. This installation process expects that all necessary driver files are copied into the driver cache directory, the driver-signing information in is located in the Catroot directory, and all necessary device information (INF) files are located in the Inf directory.


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