WMI Filter

The WMI Filter component allows you to use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) rules. It contains two classes: MSFT_Rule, which defines a single rule within a scope of management, and MSFT_SomFilter, which provides a list of queries that are evaluated on a target device.

The MSFT_SomFilter class resides in Active Directory, which allows an instance to be written once and remain valid for the entire domain. The MSFT_SomFilter class is compiled in the \\root\policy namespace.

The MSFT_Rule class represents a single rule in an MSFT_SomFilter object expressed as a query. This class enables you to create rules as instances of the class. The MSFT_Rule class is compiled in the \root\policy namespace.

This component includes the following files:

  • Policman.dll. The component dynamic-link library (DLL).
  • Policman.mfl. Localization related file.
  • Policman.mof. Common information model definitions.
  • Wmifiltr.chm. Help file.


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