Remote Assistance Channel

The Remote Assistance Channel component is a Dynamic HTML (DHTML)-based user interface (UI) built on top of TS components.

This component enables users to create a remote assistance (RA) incident that can be escalated by means of Microsoft Network (MSN) Instant Messenger (IM), e-mail, or saving the incident to a file in order to seek expert help. The expert can then use the RA incident to connect back to the user's system in order to provide help.


There are no services for this component.

Associated Components

In order for the Remote Assistance Channel Pro component to function, the Help Center and TS components must be installed.


Property or setting nameDefault settingPurpose and use
Solicited Remote AssistanceTRUEEnable/Disable Remote Assistance
Allow Helpers to Take ControlTRUEEnable/Disable remote control of novice machine
Maximum ticket value30 DaysMaximum Expiry of RA ticket

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