Accessibility Control Panel

The Accessibility Control Panel component provides a set of features that allow users to customize how the keyboard, display, or mouse functions. The accessibility tools are available from Accessibility Options in Control Panel. The following table shows the features that are included with accessibility options.

StickyKeysEnables simultaneous keystrokes while pressing one key at a time.
FilterKeysAdjusts the response of the keyboard.
ToggleKeysEmits sounds when certain locking keys are pressed.
SoundSentryProvides visual warnings for system sounds.
ShowSoundsInstructs programs to display captions for program speech and sounds.
High ContrastImproves screen contrast with alternative colors and font sizes.
MouseKeysEnables the keyboard to perform mouse functions.
SerialKeysAllows the use of alternative input devices instead of a keyboard and mouse.


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Associated Components

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The following table describes the configurable settings for this component.

SettingDefault settingDescription
Use high contrastClearedSpecifies whether to use high contrast between foreground and background elements of the user interface.

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