User Interface Core

The User Interface Core component provides the user interface (UI) for Windows Explorer.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

Most Windows Explorer components require this component. This component is included in the Shell Application Compatibility macro component.


This component includes a number of component settings that specify the appearance of the user interface on the target device. By default, some settings are enabled and others are disabled. The following table describes these settings.

Show My Computer on Start menuCleared
Show My Documents on Start menuCleared
Show My Recent Documents on Start menuCleared
Show My Pictures on Start menuCleared
Show My Music on Start menuCleared
Show My Network Places on Start MenuCleared
Show Desktop iconsSelected
Show Favorites on Start menuCleared
Show Help and Support on Start menuCleared
Show Control Panel on Start menuSelected
Show Printers and Faxes on Start menuCleared
Show Network Connections on Start menuSelected
Show Search on Start menuCleared
Show Run on Start menuSelected
Show Log Off on Start menuSelected
Show Shut Down on Start menuSelected
Show Internet Explorer on Start menuCleared
Show Outlook Express on Start menuCleared
Show All Programs list on Start menuSelected
Show context menu on Shell foldersSelected
Show context menu on taskbarSelected
Show notifications on taskbarSelected
Enable Lock/Unlock of Task BarSelected
Enable drag and drop on Start menuSelected
Prohibit access to Control PanelCleared
Prohibit access to hot keys (keyboard shortcuts)Cleared
Number of programs on Start menuSpecifies the number of programs that can appear on the Start menu. The default is 0.

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