Administration Support Tools

The Administration Support Tools component supplies basic administration utilities and support routines.

The following table shows the files and applications used with this component.

Access Control List user interface (ACL Editor)Reusable property page that allows the user to edit the ACLs on objects in the system.
Local Computer Management snap-inFramework that supports the Manage option on My Computer. Note that this is only the framework; the individual management functions are extension add-ins, only some of which are in this component.
Event Viewer snap-inAllows the user to view the event logs on the system.
Local Users and Groups snap-inAllows the user to manage local users and groups and their permissions and authentication.
Object Selection dialog boxA reusable dialog box that allows the user to select security principals from the local computer, domain, forest, and trusted forests/domain, depending on the application. Also known as Object Picker.
Basic AD property pagesSmall set of basic property pages for applications that access Active Directory (AD) objects.
Sharing tabThe Sharing property page for managing the sharing and access of folders.
File Share Management snap-inAllows the user to manage shared folders on a computer.
Services snap-inAllows the user to manage services, their start-up settings, and dependencies.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

This component has conditional dependencies on the five Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI) providers.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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