Text Services Framework

The Text Services Framework (TSF) component is a Component Object Model (COM)-based system service that provides a simple and scalable framework for the delivery of advanced text input and natural language technologies. TSF can be enabled in applications, or as TSF text services. TSF text services provide multilanguage support and deliver text services such as keyboard input service, handwriting recognition, and speech recognition.

TSF is a device-independent, language-neutral, and extensible system for text delivery and language technologies. TSF-enabled applications can access any text service that supports TSF.

The following list describes the contents of this component:

  • A TSF-enabled application that interacts with Text Services Framework.
  • TSF text services that provide multiple input editing features to TSF. Text services control soft keyboard input, speech recognition, text conversion, and text editing.
  • An interface between TSF text services and a TSF-enabled application. In addition to accepting input from TSF text services, TSF also responds to changes within the document. This enables additional text services.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

The CUAS IME component will not work properly unless the Text Services Framework component is also included in the run-time image. The CUAS IME component enables TSF text services to work with legacy input method manager (IMM) applications.

Speech recognition and tablet input functionality will not work unless the Text Services Framework component is installed.


The following table describes the configurable settings for this component.

Language bar setting on the desktopChoose one of the following options from the drop-down list box for displaying the language bar: Docked in taskbar, Floating on desktop, or Hidden. The default value is Docked in taskbar.
Show additional language bar icons in the notification areaClear the check box to remove additional language bar icons from the notification area.
Show text labels on the language barClear the check box to remove text labels from the language bar.

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