Printer Common #1 (Client Side Shared Components)

The Printer Common #1 component, together with the Print Spooler component, provides the set of files and registry resources that are common for all other printing components.


This component includes Ntprint.dll and Printui.dll, which are necessary to install printers and printer drivers. It also includes as resources, the set of DLLs that are used by Ntprint.dll, Printui.dll, and other printing components.

Associated Components

This component is used by the spooler and the shell while printers and printer drivers are being installed.

The Printer Common 1 is designed to be installed together with the following components:

  • Client Printing, Local Printing, Server Printing
  • Primitive: Winspool

It also requires the System Restore component if the system is not a 64-bit SKI and if it is a Home or a Professional Edition.


There are no configurable settings for this component.

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