TAPI Audio, Video and RTP Filters

The TAPI Audio, Video and RTP Filters component implements several Microsoft DirectShow filters used to stream audio and video data. This component includes filters for encoding and decoding audio and video, as well as filters for sending or receiving audio and video packets using Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) over User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The receiving network filter will also demultiplex the incoming packets. The network filters use the generic quality of service (GQOS) API to provide quality of service (QOS) reservations and CryptoAPI to provide decryption and encryption of the audio and video streams.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


This component is only configured through its APIs, which are internally used by Confmsp.dll, H323msp.dll, and Rtcdll.dll, as well as some test applications.


Although the filters provided by this component are DirectShow filters, they cannot be used together with other DirectShow filters because of their particular requirements.

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